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Xtrain Photoshop Web Designers

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Xtrain Photoshop Web Designers
Xtrain Photoshop Web Designers

So you think you’re a web designer? Have you looked at your last mood board? or Wireframe? Let Jason Cranford Teague, show you how to customize your workspace for you, the awesome Web Designer. Did we say Mood Board? Want to know more? Enroll in this course for great classes on creating a web site with the aide of Photoshop. You’ll learn how to create buttons, slices, and layer comps throughout this course.

Lesson 1 - A Photoshop of Your Own: Personalizing the Interface for Web Design

1. Planning Your Grid 17:50
2. Defining your Design with a Mood Board 14:50
3. Wire Frame Content 03:23

Lesson 2 - Measure Twice, Cut Once: Setting Up Your Template

1. Working with your Wire Frame 14:56
2. Adding Images, Text and Mask 19:28
3. Adding Special Effects 25:00

Lesson 3 - Where the pixel hits the page- Designing Your Web Page

1. File Organization 1 31:20
2. File Organization 2 19:16
3. Slice and Dice: Outputting Your Work 04:18


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