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Wiley Video Compression and Communications 2nd Edition Nov 2007 eBook-BBL


Wiley Video Compression and Communications 2nd Edition Nov 2007 eBook-BBL

Video Compression and Communications: From Basics to H.261, H.263,
H.264, MPEG4 for DVB and HSDPA-Style Adaptive Turbo-Transceivers, 2nd
Edition (c) by Wiley -IEEE Press

The type of the release is: eBook
In the PDF format with ISBN: 0470518499 and Pub Date: November 16, 2007
The size of the release is: 03 disks x 2.88mb
And released on: 03/03/2008

Since the publication of Wireless Video Communications five years ago,
the area of video compression and wireless transceivers has evolved even
further. This new edition addresses a range of recent developments in
these areas, giving cognizance to the associated transmission aspects
and issues of error resilience. Video Compression and Communications has
been updated and condensed yet remains all-encompassing, giving a
comprehensive overview of the subject. Covering compression issues,
coding delay, implementational complexity and bitrate, the book also
looks at the historical perspective to video communication.
- New edition of successful and informative text, Wireless Video
- Substantial new material has been added on areas such as H.264,
MPEG4 coding and transceivers
- Clear presentation and broad scope make it essential for anyone
interested in wireless communications
- Systematically converts the lessons of Shannon's information theory
into design principles applicable to practical wireless systems. This
book is ideal for postgraduates and researchers in communication systems
but will also be a valuable reference to undergraduates, development and
systems engineers of video compression applications as well as
industrialists, managers and visual communications practitioners.

Download: http://rs386.rapidshare.com/files/97159437/Wiley.Video.Compression.and.Communications.2nd.Edition.Nov.2007.eBook-BBL.rar

Google Search and Tools in a Snap E book for Free


Book Description
These days, nobody really wants to learn everything there is about a product like Google Tools. And even if you did, who has the time to endlessly tinker and play with it until you figure everything out? You just want a book that will quickly show you how to do things with Google Tools, like perform power searches, find pictures with Google Images, find online bargains with Froogle, use the Google Toolbar, and discover the world with Google Earth.

Google Search and Tools in a Snap does just that. Organized into a series of well-organized, bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks, the book lets you zero right in on the one particular task you want to accomplish, quickly figure out what to do, do it, and then get back to using the plethora of Google Tools.

From the Backcover

These days, nobody really wants to learn everything there is about a product like Google Tools. And even if you did, who has the time to endlessly tinker and play with it until you figure everything out? You just want a book that will quickly show you how to do things with Google Tools, like perform power searches, find pictures with Google Images, find online bargains with Froogle, use the Google Toolbar, and discover the world with Google Earth.

Google Search and Tools in a Snap does just that. Organized into a series of well-organized, bite-sized, quickly accomplished tasks, the book lets you zero right in on the one particular task you want to accomplish, quickly figure out what to do, do it, and then get back to using the plethora of Google Tools.

About the Author
Preston Gralla is the author of more than two dozen books about computers and the Internet, including How the Internet Works, Windows XP Hacks, and several on Internet shopping, bargain-hunting, and auctions. He has been a columnist for ZDNet/Cnet, and is currently a columnist for TechTarget.com and PriceGrabber.com. His commentaries about technology have been featured on National Public Radio’s All Things Considered and he has appeared frequently on television and radio networks and shows, including the CBS Early Show, CNN, MSNBC, and ABC World News Now.


Password: ebooksatkoobe

ASP.NET in 60 Minutes a Day E Book


Introduces Microsoft’s widely-used, free Web development tool to new users and to those preparing for certification
Includes thirty one-hour lessons that recreate a typical week-long introductory seminar
Gets readers quickly up-to-speed on using ASP.NET and Web Matrix to develop Web pages and Web services
The author has taught ASP.NET and other Microsoft tools for Xerox Connect and other major corporations
Companion Web site features an online presentation by the author that follows along with each chapter and includes an audio-only option for readers with dial-up Internet connection

Download :

VTC- Introduction To .NET Video Tutorials


- Quick and easy way to learn basics of .NET.

- No expensive classroom training courses.

- No boring hard to follow books to read.

- Learn from your own desk at a pace that suits you.

- High quality affordable training that is easy to use and follow.

- Use our unique training method, it makes learning easy no matter what your learning style.

- Compatibility: Win XP, 2000, 98, NT, Mac OS X, OS 9

ISBN: 1932072500

Duration: 6 hrs / 59 lessons

- Course Introduction
- .NET Framework Fundamentals
- How .NET Works
- Advantages of .NET
- Visual Studio .NET
- Framework Organization
- Data Types
- Common Language Runtime
- Assemblies
- Object Oriented Programming
- Garbage Collection
- Data Access
- Web Services
- Interaction With COM
- Remoting
- Reflection
- Deployment
- Configuration Files
- Code Security
- Migrating to .NET

Download : http://rapidshare.de/files/36753861/v_t_c_intro_to_dnet.rar

Password: ganelon

Microsoft C# & .NET - VTC Video Tutorials


The fastest and most cost effective way to learn! Forget boring books! No need for expensive classroom training - just easy to follow training videos that play right from your own computer. Login from home or office - the choice is yours. All courses are taught by world leading experts, unlimited access, on over 400 different subjects.

Introduction (04:53)
About this Course (05:13)
C# & .NET (05:57)
The .Net Solution
About the .Net Framework (05:36)
The Common Language Runtime (03:41)
Assemblies (03:29)
.NET Types (05:35)
Working with Namespaces (06:02)
Browsing .NET Namespaces (06:33)
Working in Visual Studio.NET Pt.1 (06:51)
Working in Visual Studio.NET Pt.2 (03:46)
Using the Command-Line Compiler (06:32)
Creating a Console Application (06:47)
Jumping Into C#
A Minimum C# Class (04:09)
Main() (04:1Cool
Adding Classes to Projects (05:49)
Aspects of an Application (05:5Cool
Some Language Fundamentals (03:11)
A Visual Studio .Net Example (04:34)
Data & Value Types
Declaring & Initializing Variables (04:00)
Declaring Member Access (04:06)
Constants (03:42)
Signed & Unsigned Types (03:25)
CLS-Compliant Types (02:36)
Literals (07:12)
Type Converting (06:07)
System.Convert Classes (05:36)
System.Convert Shortcuts (04:46)
Formatting Type Output (03:35)
Arithmetic Operations (05:47)
Reference Types & More
Value & Reference Types (05:55)
Boxing & Unboxing (03:22)
String Reference Types (02:32)
Classes & Objects
Defining Classes Pt.1 (05:13)
Defining Classes Pt.2 (03:15)
Fields (05:2Cool
Properties (06:32)
Methods & Passing Parameters (07:16)
Creating & Destroying Objects (05:47)
Member Access Modifiers & Scope (05:02)
Overloading Methods & Constructors (06:02)
Static Methods & Fields Pt.1 (05:37)
Static Methods & Fields Pt.2 (04:04)
Enums & Structures
Enums (Enumerations) (05:51)
Working with Enums Pt.1 (06:23)
Working with Enums Pt.2 (03:04)
Structs (04:30)
Struct Constructors (04:30)
Core Programming
Expressions (03:14)
Statements & Blocks (05:05)
for Loops (05:56)
foreach/in Loops (04:1Cool
while & do while Loops (05:01)
Relational & Equality Operators (06:26)
if/else Statements (03:41)
Switch Statements (03:42)
Exception Handling (05:47)
try/catch & finally (06:45)
Multipe Catches & More (04:03)
Working With Strings
.NET Strings (04:1Cool
Strings/Length & Case (04:49)
Concatenate & StringBuilder (07:20)
More StringBuilder (04:31)
Clone/Copy & CopyTo (03:26)
Substrings/Trim & Pad Pt.1 (05:02)
Substrings/Trim & Pad Pt.2 (05:02)
GetType/Equality & Compare (05:03)
Regular Expressions Pt.1 (05:23)
Regular Expressions Pt.2 (04:44)
String.Format (03:40)
Delegates & Events
Delegates (06:53)
Events (05:04)
A Complete Delegate Example (03:19)
Windows Applications
Using System.Windows.Forms (03:40)
Minimum Windows Applications Pt.1 (05:43)
Minimum Windows Applications Pt.2 (07:16)
A Visual Studio .NET Example Pt.1 (06:36)
A Visual Studio .NET Example Pt.2 (06:1Cool
Visual Studio.NET Design (06:16)
Application Class Pt.1 (06:32)
Application Class Pt.2 (07:17)
The Digital Clock Example (06:3Cool
Working with Flash Objects (05:52)
Working with Windows Media (06:4Cool
An Advanced Example (05:29)
Core Programming In Use
Interfaces Pt.1 (04:46)
Interfaces Pt.2 (05:22)
Defining Arrays (04:37)
Using Arrays (04:33)
System.Collections (03:12)
HashTable (03:39)
Stacks & Queues (04:15)
Object Oriented Techniques
Encapsulation (05:1Cool
Inheritance (06:21)
Polymorphism (06:07)
Base Classes & Base Keyword (06:11)
Abstract Clases (05:24)
Object - The Root of all Classes (03:47)
Nesting Classes (06:0Cool
File System I/O & Streams
System.IO Overview (05:36)
Directories & File Classes (05:13)
StreamReader (06:04)
StreamWriter (04:17)
Namespaces & Assemblies
Using Assemblies & Namespaces (03:5Cool
Class Library DLLs Pt.1 (06:16)
Class Library DLLs Pt.2 (03:3Cool
Private vs. Global Assemblies (04:17)
Global Assembly Cache Pt.1 (05:33)
Global Assembly Cache Pt.2 (03:1Cool
Global Assembly Cache Pt.3 (06:47)
Data Access (ADO.NET & XML)
ADO.NET Architecture (04:55)
Accessing Data (04:46)
Data Grids & More AD.NET (05:0Cool
Working with XML Documents (05:05)
Reading XML Documents (06:5Cool
XMLTextReader Example Pt.1 (06:43)
XMLTextReader Example Pt.2 (02:50)
Writing XML Documents (04:24)
Web Applications
ASP.NET Introduction (05:35)
Setting Up ASPX Pages (06:2Cool
Working with Web Forms (06:16)
Embedded Scripts & Events (05:55)
ViewState & Postbacks (06:32)
Web Controls (Calender) (07:0Cool
CodeBehind (06:34)
Our CodeBehind Examples (04:22)
Web Services
Introduction (03:24)
Consuming Web Services (06:51)
Building Web Services (05:4Cool
Graphics Programming
System.Drawing Namespaces (04:04)
Drawing Graphics (07:03)
Our Graphic View Explained (03:47)
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.1 (06:32)
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.2 (05:54)
Coding Out Graphic Viewer Pt.3 (03:13)


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Administration Tools Video Tutorials


SQL Server 2005 is a comprehensive database software platform providing enterprise-class data management and integrated business intelligence (BI) tools. The SQL Server 2005 database engine provides more secure, reliable storage for a relational database format or XML. By supporting both a relational database format and XML, the SQL Server 2005 database engine provides the flexibility necessary to support the way you work. It also enables you to build and manage highly available, well-performing database software applications that you and your people can use to take your business to the next level.

The SQL Server 2005 data engine lies at the core of this enterprise data management solution. In addition to providing support for relational databases or XML, SQL Server 2005 combines the best in analysis, reporting, integration, and notification. This enables your team to build and deploy cost-effective BI solutions with which they can drive data into every corner of your business through scorecards, dashboards, Web services, and mobile devices.

Close integration with Microsoft Visual Studio, the Microsoft Office System, and a suite of new development tools, including the Business Intelligence Development Studio, sets SQL Server 2005 apart. Whether you are a developer, database administrator, information worker, or decision maker, SQL Server 2005 provides innovative solutions that help you gain more value from your data—whether stored in a relational database or XML data format.

Download Links :


Microsoft ASP.NET has taken many of the best active server technologies and combined them into one powerful set of coding instructions which allow interaction between the user and the server. Today's companies and their customers rely on a back-and-forth flow of data that can be specific and more importantly, updated based on individual requests for information. Why is this important? A customer shopping at an e-store can have specific pages generated and delivered based on their shopping habits. As they continue to shop or change their habits, the information can be updated, or even updated at their request. In this seven hour tutorial, Certified Instructor Mark Long will introduce and then expand on Microsoft's ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET?
Course Overview
History of ASP
What's Different About ASP.NET?
A Simple ASP.NET Page
.NET Framework
Internet Information Server
Visual Studio.NET
Web Forms
User Controls
Managing State
Optimizing ASP.NET Apps
ASP.NET Security Basics
Web Services

Download : http://rapidshare.com/users/SV2MP1

Password: knowfree.net

Introduction Of Apache Web Server - VTC Video Tutorials


Behind every great web site is a hard working web server ready to deliver content to the world. Apache is the most widely used

web server software on the Internet, combining power and flexibility in an open source package. VTC author Dawn Dunkerley will

guide you through the numerous features of Apache and the LAMP stack, helping you configure a web server solution that works

for your needs.

This video tutotial covers the following topics:

01. Introduction To Apache
02. Installing Apache on Linux
03. Installing Apache on Windows
04. Configuring Apache on Linux
05. Managing Content on Apache Server
06. Configuring MySQL on Apache
07. Configuring PHP on Apache
08. Apache Web Server Admin
09. Security Testing Apache
10. Securing Apache
11. Best Practices to Running Apache

Film Directing Fundamentals- See Your Film Before Shooting


This book taught me that making a film is an alive and organic process rather than a lab experiment in search of the perfect formula. Proferes’ concepts of “spine” and “fulcrum” for example, are essential to not get lost in the midst of any film industry development process, in which so many voices tend to give an opinion. The author insists in the need of finding both the mechanisms of the text and the director’s “whys” when tackling a story and being truthful to them until the very last decision of the process. His method of “detective work” on the screenplay is a very tough “bootcamp” with yourself in which no production excuses are possible: just director and story. If completed throughoutly, one will get to really know the story in hand, its nature and soul, like one gets to know a person only through intense sharing. That detective work will make pristine clear to the director what is his personal take of the material and will help detecting vital needs, including those painful rewrites. This intimate and utter intense work between director and story is the most direct translation of what it has been named so many times as “the director as an author”. Proferes’s approach to filmmaking is beyond trends. Timeless. His method could serve anyone that is serious about making films that talks to us directly, way beyond the actual “cool” syndrome. It just talks about drama, about what makes cry or not. And why.

Password: www.ebooksportal.org

PHP Project Solutions VTC Video Tutorials


This course will provide in-depth coverage of major PHP syntax, built-in functions of PHP, web application programming techniques and recommended coding solutions based on common PHP requirements. The user will also learn how to create a complete web application using HTML/XHTML/XML, Javascript, Postgres/SQL and then learn to troubleshoot by example. Examples and code for an online card game, shopping cart, email newsletter, content management system and online survey system, are included within the tutorial. To get started today, simply click one of the movie topics below.

Download : http://rapidshare.com/users/V7B4KX

Password: knowfree.net

Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton

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In Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton introduces PHP programming in a fashion that is immediately applicable to experienced programmers, and new programmers alike. This programming title does not focus on getting certified in PHP, but rather focuses on the application of PHP in everyday programming, including the proper terminology as well as learning PHP slang. Starting with the absolute basics of PHP types and statements, Mike progresses you through conditional and loops, MySQL, and into advanced topics such as functions and session management. With working examples, and application of what you are learning shown throughout, Mike makes learning PHP an easy and enjoyable endeavour.

01. Introduction
02. Starting with PHP
03. PHP Basics (Variables, Constants, Statements, Types, Operators)
04. PHP Conditionals and Loops
06. 05. Applying What You Know (Functional Website Example)
07. PHP and functions
08. PHP Arrays
09. Starting with MYSQL
10. MYSQL Basics
11. Using MYSQL with PHP
12. PHP and Sessions

Download : http://rapidshare.com/users/FI2CS9

Password: knowfree.net

Final Cut Pro 6 (FCP 6.0) Video Tutorials


Final Cut Pro 6 Workflow was created and produced by Frank Rohmer. We are honoured to host hid material in the LYNDA.COM online training library.

Designed with the editor in mind, FCP 6.0 workflow explores the nuts and bolts of this software with concise and through tutorials. Instructor FrankRohmer covers everything from setting up a new project to working with effects and color(colour). He walks through how to create and edit a project in Final Cut Pro 6.0 ( FCP) from begining to end. Including how to animate photos, filters, and mattes Manipulate audio feautures  & Mix HD & SD formats . FrankRohmer aslo offer advanced tips & tricks that every editor should know ...

LINKS : Video Tutorials....