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Microsoft ASP.NET has taken many of the best active server technologies and combined them into one powerful set of coding instructions which allow interaction between the user and the server. Today's companies and their customers rely on a back-and-forth flow of data that can be specific and more importantly, updated based on individual requests for information. Why is this important? A customer shopping at an e-store can have specific pages generated and delivered based on their shopping habits. As they continue to shop or change their habits, the information can be updated, or even updated at their request. In this seven hour tutorial, Certified Instructor Mark Long will introduce and then expand on Microsoft's ASP.NET.

What is ASP.NET?
Course Overview
History of ASP
What's Different About ASP.NET?
A Simple ASP.NET Page
.NET Framework
Internet Information Server
Visual Studio.NET
Web Forms
User Controls
Managing State
Optimizing ASP.NET Apps
ASP.NET Security Basics
Web Services

Download : http://rapidshare.com/users/SV2MP1

Password: knowfree.net


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