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Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton

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In Real World PHP Programming: The Basics, VTC Author Mike Morton introduces PHP programming in a fashion that is immediately applicable to experienced programmers, and new programmers alike. This programming title does not focus on getting certified in PHP, but rather focuses on the application of PHP in everyday programming, including the proper terminology as well as learning PHP slang. Starting with the absolute basics of PHP types and statements, Mike progresses you through conditional and loops, MySQL, and into advanced topics such as functions and session management. With working examples, and application of what you are learning shown throughout, Mike makes learning PHP an easy and enjoyable endeavour.

01. Introduction
02. Starting with PHP
03. PHP Basics (Variables, Constants, Statements, Types, Operators)
04. PHP Conditionals and Loops
06. 05. Applying What You Know (Functional Website Example)
07. PHP and functions
08. PHP Arrays
09. Starting with MYSQL
10. MYSQL Basics
11. Using MYSQL with PHP
12. PHP and Sessions

Download : http://rapidshare.com/users/FI2CS9

Password: knowfree.net


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