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Guild Wars 2 Official Trailer sneak peek from ArenaNet Team

Guild Wars 2 Official Trailer sneak peek from ArenaNet Team.

It's been 3 years since the last installment of GuildWars. The Guild Wars team at ArenaNet and I (Mostly them new blood and old blood) have been working really hard to put out one of the BEST MMO ever made!
The production process and everything have change along with many new technology that emerges in the past three years. Guild War 2 will look even BETTER visually, I know so because these guys are working really hard to make everything look beautified!
Gameplay and lots of things are changing to the better and funner direction. You will have to read that from official ArenaNet site or GuildWars2 site for more info. I just art. :)

And I believe this is the first trailer from the most anticipate MMO EVER!
Watch Guild Wars 2 official trailer!

Coming soon to any computer near you!

I know, I know...I am pimping out our own game. But it's AWESOME!


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