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Drawing Anime Girl tutorial


Drawing Anime Girl tutorial quick sketching process
A BASIC tutorial on drawing a girl in the manga anime style, this time focusing on simple drawing and coloring techniques.

I thought I haven't really done clean vibrant Anime/Manga stylize influence in a while...so I just sketched up one last night. First I was going for the high key but then the colors and values kind of sway me so I change my mind to keep it at mid key somehow. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Here is a couple hi-key color tutorials Anime Tutorial How to draw and color (This one with light blue color schemes and leaning more toward color scheme.), Draw Anime Girl (This one uses complimentary color schemes Blue and Orange very subdue and bright at the same time) and Draw and Color Comics woman (This is off blue to green with complimentary peachy skin tone.) Hope these help!

Art tips: If you want to be a superb artist, always have a sketchbook at all times. Doodle, scribble, sketch. Play with shapes and lines. Nothing intense, just silly scribbling. You could even do it while watching your TV.

Final sketch: Drawing Anime/Manga Style girl

Here are step by step still images:
how to draw anime manga

Final image:
how to draw anime manga

Here is a Video tutorial: How to draw anime girl


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