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Sketching background for Manga comics process


Sketching background for Manga comics process.

There are some request on the subject of the interior background tutorial for comics, manga, and concept. I will admit that it is not really my cup of tea, it took me longer than it should. But I gave it a shot anyway since I have to do a few for the coming panel for Manga comics Kapow Express.

Comes to think about it, I haven't done much of the setting tutorial like interior of a building or corridor. Most of the environment tutorial I did was mostly landscape and concept art landscape tutorial (painting Magma river concept), also this one is a little more basic draw and paint landscape technique (mountains, water, sunset theme). One more here is drawing and painting landscape (WaterFall), How to draw and paint snow rocky mountain scenery. The one that I felt it's similar to anything interior or building is Cityscape Environmental tutorials.
Also Environmental design sketch one point perspective

Anyway, I hope to do more quick interior or set stuff soon. And hopefully I will get faster at them so I can understand them more and record a video tutorial. But for now, they are just step by step images

Art Tips: Finding new places to take your art actually requires you to mess up...a lot. Every piece cannot be a masterpiece, nor should it be. - Scottie Young

Quick Background for comics color sketch

Here is a step by step sketching and coloring background process:

digital painting tutorial, how to paint background

Here is a final color sketch:
digital painting tutorial, how to paint background

New Drawing Video tutorials:
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-Portrait painting from life step by step
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