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Character sketch design young hero type first pass


Character sketch design young hero type first pass.

Hello, in the pass few weeks I did a few random sketch; such as "Digital art sketch of a female pilot concept", "Character Concept Art process Executioner" and "Female Spartan" (which I didn't post cuz it's not good enough), without having any useful purpose in mind, but they are all fun.

Anyway, recently I just have an idea that strike me to do some short and fun project. It involves a young hero male archetype and the Chinese Zodiac deities as villains. I can't tell you yet what it is going to be until I finish. It will also involve a undead force or zombie army along the line of Drawing tutorial Zombie Ninja character that I previously did.
The thought excited me so much that I have to put it on the number 1 priority list. So you will see tons of sketches and concept that are related to the Chinese Zodiac for the next few months. That will also include environment (same as Concept art painting landscape and Draw and paint landscape technique.) So yeah, 12 evil designs for the Chinese Zodiac sound like a blast to me! I am pretty excited. I will try to record more tutorials as I produce more of them. And if this Zodiac project born to life and finish finish. I was hoping to turn Kapow Express into the same medium.
My plan for the Zodiac project is very simple though it will take six months to take it all the way to the end, that's the projection plan anyway. As for Kapow Express, the storyline is so complex and the core is not very straight forward...it will take a really long time to complete. So I am going to put a break on it until I am finishing with the Zodiac project. Watch out!
I'm sure you will like it about the same though it's not an online comics but it has story and it will be fun!!! Don't worry Chris, there will be Zombies (I promise). Sorry Knuckle, I know you are looking forward to Kapow, but you will love this! I am sure. As for Luca, I know you like everything. :)
Thank everyone for all your support. The project will slowly reveal itself from the shadow, and you guys will be very happy. So do I. :)

Here is the initial sketch for the Zodiac. This is a young hero character that will take an adventure and face all 12 Dark Zodiac deities.

*If you really notice, I cheated...I painted over the previous Female Pilot concept that I did cuz her face draw me in for some reason. I painted over her face and make it more masculine though I want to keep a bit of prettiness in it. And I kinda want this guys face to be rebellious, but also you can help but want to know what he thinks. It's like some kind of mysterious air around his persona. There are still a lot to be done on the rest of the body. (Also I just notice that he wears a sword on the wrong side of the shoulder, blah!)
concept art, young hero character

Same dude as above but here is a chibi form or SD (super deform). Don't worry this is just an initial sketch really quick. I will pretty it up later on. :)
quick chibi sketch


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