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How to draw Zombie character


How to draw Zombie character. This video tutorial is a very basic beginning drawing process I usually start off with, nothing fancy here. But I will keep updating the Zombie goon art work and hopefully take it to the finish color concept sketch.
If you are looking for more advance looking zombie concept art and design process, check out Drawing Tutorial Zombie Ninja character that I did a while back. It's a more advance version of zombie.
For more tutorial on body, arms, and muscles, if you are interested then you should check out Drawing body muscle torso anatomy video tutorial, and don't miss the tutorial video on Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep. These are a little more than basic, but still foundation you need to know.

Here is a quick zombie sketch
how to draw zombie

Watch the basic video tutorial on how to draw zombie

Drawing Male muscle torso video tutorial:

Also update on the Boar Zombie or undead monster...still very little change. Also if you notice in the back, he has an army of zombies behind him. Oh yeah!
how to draw zombie

And I had some time to work on the main character and decided that his arm should be some sort of elemental weapon. As illustrate in this concept, it's "Flame time!"
Still unfinished though, I will have to work and polish it up some more. But for now....

zodiac blades fire
Anyway, more art and video tutorials are coming soon.


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