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Concept Art Character design male


Concept Art Character design male for my personal fun project update. He is a main hero in my little project but the look on his face says otherwise (Chis has the point on the previous posted comment). He has the look of anti-hero (sort of like a rebellious teenager), so it's not a typical good guy but he is indeed a good guy.

Anyway, I get some time to paint and flesh out on this character, including his Chibi form. The idea is there, but the final design I am not quite please with it totally. Originally, he did have a cape, but I just add it in for illustration impact purpose...cuz it frame the figure nicely. I would later put him in real pose other than static concept (which is what I do all the time :P).

There might be something add to his design later on as I can come up with some fresh idea. But for now here it is.

Here are some tutorial recommendation to watch if you like this character concept. Go watcht these video tutorials on male figure such like Drawing body muscle torso anatomy tutorial. And for arms for male figure watch Drawing arm muscles bicep tricep. These tutorial are basic enough to understand if you have some drawing experience which I assume if you are here then you do draw.
As for the head part or face, these will be useful for you artists. Here is a tutorial on basic structure of the face from line sketch to monochrome render, go watch Character Design Face Male Merchant Character, These two are also very useful, not as complex as the merchant face video, but get the point across, Character design sketch villain or Drawing Male Face Swordman and Learn how to draw and paint face. Enjoy the tutorials, see you soon!

This is almost there but still lack of certain elements that I want.
how to draw manga anime hero
View Full size at Zodiac Blades

The latest update...decided to change the glove to organic arm. Also make the character concept pose slightly more interesting. Still need to tweak minor stuff and put MOJO in the hands.
how to draw manga anime hero

Here is a Chibi form experiment: :)
As of now it looks a little too flat for my taste, but that was the original intention. Next time, I will try to approach it in a little more painterly and make it a more rendered.
how to draw manga anime hero

Drawing Software & Tools I used and recommended:
-Wacom Intuos3 6X8 Pen Tablet or Genius MousePen 6x8
-Gimp or Adobe Photoshop CS4 (Professional software)


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