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Manga Friday Running away after Ninja style smoke bomb


Kapow Express Manga Friday Update, this is the fist glance of page 3 (two more panel to be completed) :)

Here is the beginning of page 3. Now I am working on its Manga panel/ art tutorials along with the comics. Well honestly it works out quite well. But once in a while I will for sure throw in some random cool stuff because I will get bore drawing the same thing all the time.
FEEDBACK or thought are welcome on this Blog's Content matters. Well, you guys read them. You better give me some advice NOW! ;)

Cheng (monk) and the Bing Bing (the waitress) are running away from the city where Big Bow and his gang got distracted by Bing Bing's smoke bomb.

*Also I did some change to the dialogues cuz considering Bing Bing has a nicer personality than Mei so...her dialogue changes from previous post. :P sorry forgot to consider that.
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Also, as usual, feel free to give me idea on the story line, gags...something cool that should happen. You guys kinda stop doing that since I haven't ask. I actually have the story layout, but you guys could help me add flavor to this ACTION PACK!!! This is probably the only Manga you could help the creator create. :)

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