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Warlord Warrior and her Guard Dog creature concept design


Warlord Warrior female or girl and her Guard Dog creature concept design.
Here we go the journey continue. I am exploring other element of this illustration going to be.

At the moment I am trying to find appropriate poses
the second horrible quick comp is her two guard dogs and bat pet behind her. they are all her sidekicks.

These are more process of trying to find the pose I am looking for

Here is what I have in mind for the composition since I had the pose nailed above.
Then I will go on and play around with the thumbnails, apply color and composition and see what it would look like. At this stage if you have more time you can be daring and experiment more with more color combinations ( Monochromatic color scheme, Analogous color scheme, Complimentary color scheme, basic and more on the idrawgirls.com blog.)

here is what I come up for the color scheme, more like complimentary so far.
*It can still be changed at this stage...
Now I am exploring creature design or her pet Guard Dogs. I still didn't really find what I am looking for so I am going to have to do more thumb sketches.

Thank for all the previous feedback guys. Your input are very valuable and give me ideas and venues that I sometimes miss. More feedback are welcome. Have a great weekend.

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