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More creature design sketches and over all process


More creature design sketches and over all process. Step by step from sketch to a full illustration.

Here are some mean mean looking creatures and stuff. It was fun but it took a while to get to what I really wanted for the illustration.

This is the one I decided from the bunch of thumbnails above...but still unhappy with.

Blah!!! Grrrrrr!

I decided that I want the girls warrior's pet creature to be a little more cuddly like more mammal (majestic looking with petable looks rather and cool scary looking thing) rather than amphibian / lizard/ monster look alike creature... so here are some more experimental sketch. It's getting there.

So here they are...more sketches

I decided it should have bigger head and thick neck!
Enough for today,
OK tomorrow will be some more video tutorial for sure. :)

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